Hell freezes over

Available July 17th will be my Detective James series on Amazon for Kindle. This includes Once Upon a Time in Montana once when that’s finished. This means that those stories will no longer be available on this blog after the publishing date. Why July 17? Because I need to give myself enough time to edit, write an acknowledgment and introduction, etc.

Paperback versions MIGHT be available at a later date.

Look, I never once believed that I would make a living as a writer. I do this for my own amusement only. And I already feel bad for charging people $4.20 to download (it should’ve been $0.69). I was just fucking on Amazon, alright? It seemed like a funny thing to do at that moment. So if you download it for Kindle, I will do everything in my power to make it worth your money.

And if you do want a paperback version, leave a comment, message me on my socials, etc etc. I’m trying to gauge interest.

K. Bye!

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