Redemption in Jeopardy!

This is no fantasy; no hellish dream of Orwellian proportions. The future is today.

And it honestly, it could be worse.

I have nothing against AI. To paraphrase Slavoj Zizek, “computers are stupid.” Of course, I could be wrong. And if I am, then sorry humanity! You had your moment and you pissed it away. So if AI wishes to replace us, then it has my full support.

Now I can understand the concerns of artists. It is entirely possible that AI will one day replace the necessity for the human touch in regards to creating art. But until that day comes, I will continue to find what AI produces to be hilarious.

The other night, I used ChatGPT to workshop a few ideas. If you don’t follow me on Instagram, allow me to introduce Saturday Night Live as written and hosted by Cormac McCarthy:

And here’s a Burger King commercial, also written by Cormac McCarthy:

After I had AI generate a Don Draper pitch for deodorant (while using a pair of nunchucks), I decided to do some real work. So I asked myself: could AI generate a story of hope and redemption?

And ladies and gentlemen, here are the results:

If this is the future, I welcome it with open arms.

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