goodbye 😢

Got accepted into nursing school. It’s in Haiti. You probably never heard of it. Anyway, leaving tomorrow. Not posting here again. Bye ✋ jk I’m loitering around a truck stopMore

once upon a time in montana ii

“Bob,” I said, “you know us. Just set us free and we won’t cause trouble.” Sheriff J Robert Oppenheimer locked Mr. Ree and me in jail. He sat behind his desk. He look tired, haggard, and was pounding a whiskey bottle. “Sorry boys,” he replied. “But we have enough trouble with Dillon B Dickleburg coming…More

once upon a time in montana

“It’s hard being a gay man in the old west,” Mr. Ree said. “Word. Wait…you’re gay?” I asked. “Well I wouldn’t say I’m gay. But I exclusively have sex with men.” I took a sip of whiskey. My mind was on other things. We were in Montana. I reckon the year was 1879. Mr. Ree…More

favorite quotes from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1739-1832) is often regarded as one the greatest German writers. He bestowed upon us some of the finest works in literature, poetry, and theatre. “Love does not dominate; it cultivates.” “One ought, every day at least, to hear a little song, read a good poem, see a fine picture, and, if…More

u know what I hate? Your face

“I have a gambling problem,” I told my therapist. “I can’t control myself. I’ve been acting manically: I’ll have advantageous, uncharacteristic sex with my wife. I sometimes load a bullet into a revolver and stare down the barrel. I’ll go 90 in a school zone. I’ll straight up snort Adderall. What’s wrong with me doc?”…More

the joker sucks iii: still smokin

As we fall further down the technological abyss, bombarded by competing information and ideas, we struggle to make sense of anything. With an endless stream of movies, television, videos, and literature, we perceive the world through a dramatic prism, unable to grasp that the universe is impartial to our reasoning. When confronted with this cognitive…More

the joker sucks II: suck with a vengeance

Furthermore, I’m not some postmodern lunatic claiming that real truth doesn’t exist and therefore it’s pointless to speculate on the nature of it. What I AM saying is that Immanuel Kant was RIGHT. And philosophers from his day onward have been pissed off because of it. Kant claimed we can’t know things “in themselves”. Meaning…More

the joker sucks

I wasn’t cut out for politics. I’m easily persuaded because I know that my own understanding is limited and people should be open to new information as it becomes available. That’s what sensible people SHOULD do. But that’s heresy in the world of politics. And purity of ideals is currency. I remember, what felt like…More


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