I wrote a novella in college then dabbled in podcasting before realizing that I suck at both (and I developed a massive drinking problem). So I dipped out of writing for a few years while ideas continued to build in my head.

This blog is to help me knock the cobwebs off.

I’m not an artistic type. I’m not a “process” guy. I want results and want them now. So in many ways, I make a terrible writer. But when one has a vision and conviction, one will do whatever it takes to see it through.

So I use this blog for “target practice”, if you will. If I have a stupid idea, I’ll quickly knock it out with minimal editing and that will be that.

Some of this shit will work. Most of it won’t.

But thank you for reading anyway 😘

What People Say

This dude’s a fuckin’ idiot.

Former roommate

Why would you read anything from this guy?


I wish he’d call sometime.


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