facebook (update)

(Update: I’m 119 years old and I don’t understand technology. It doesn’t help that I lost the use of my left side brain at the Battle of Verdun. So forget all of this. It never happened. But I’m leaving this up because some of it is funny. I dunno. Then again I’ve been off my anticonvulsant meds the last few days)

So I was watching The Beastmaster when the Tanya Roberts bathing scene came on. I was about to “master” another “beast” if you know what I mean 😉😉😉 (Rip Torn gets me hot), but then I thought “I should create a Facebook page for my website!”

First, I tried setting up a business page, but Facebook forbids that with WordPress sites or some crap (or I have to buy some add-on, but I ain’t paying for that shit) so I set up a group page instead.

Here’s the link:

(not available)

“Why Facebook?” a question you’re probably not asking.

Because it’s the only social media site that doesn’t make me want to hire a hit man to set me on fire.

So come join! If you don’t then you probably have a tiny penis anyway. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I’m just saying that you’re less of a man if you don’t join my group.

So if you want to regain your self-respect, you better join the Internet Ruined Everything group and meet other weirdos just like YOU.

6 thoughts on “facebook (update)

  1. You are hilarious! Though I spend far too goddamn much time on Twitter, and have a serious love/hate relationship with it, I also hate Facebook. I’ve been on it since 2009, but this past November I deactivated my account in a fit of frustration. I re-activated it again a few weeks ago, mainly so I could post my Top 100 Songs of 2021 and tag lots of musicians with songs on it, but the response has been pretty tepid so fuck it.

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    1. Social media needs to be scrubbed from the internet. Unfortunately, we live in the worst of possible worlds so we’re stuck with it.

      Facebook is pretty bureaucratic and sterile, which I can handle. I’ve done Twitter numerous times and it always results in me descending into madness while I venture from one Twitter spat to the next. There’s something about it that brings out the worst in me. Tiktok does something to me that literally makes me physically sick, can’t explain it.

      Might give Instagram a shot. It seems friendly enough.

      But fuck the internet altogether

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