A word of advice

I’m a veteran of various online battles during the 00s, from the days of IMDB message boards to the message boards of Reddit and Free Republic. I also dabbled in shitposting and trolling on Twitter and the days of MySpace. I officially retired in 2020.

Kids point and laugh at my advanced age, but let me tell ya something: there ain’t nothing I haven’t seen. So listen to me when I say that NO ONE is undefeated in internet battles.

I’m not gonna name any names, but I’ve seen one too many caustic personalities, championed by their legion of followers, playing with fire. Remember all the pre-2016 trolls that created an internet culture which led to Donald Trump? They’re all laughingstocks now. You think your followers will always have your back? That’s a false sense of security. The sad reality is that all of your followers have a love/hate relationship with you.

They WANT to see you fail.

And the bigger you are, the harder you fall. So heed my advice, grasshopper: one day you will get absolutely OWNED. So choose your battles wisely.

Personal note: I was not referencing you Joe Newcomer. Keep up the good fight 😁👍

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