Statistical Theology (and I’m #cancelled)

First off, sorry about my last post. Upon rereading it…especially out of context from the rest of the story…it’s absolutely disgusting and amateurish. And I know you’ve been reading it because stats are telling me so and it’s barely being interacted with.

Honestly, the story by itself makes me look like a creep (which I am btw).

Unfortunately, writing in small bits and publishing them here one at a time is the only way I get stories done. So with that said, I will not be taking it down.

In fact, go fuck yourself.

But onto a less controversial subject: the existence of God.

So while still undergoing my Arthur C. Clarke phase, I came across chapter 46 of his book Songs of a Distant Earth. The book itself isn’t bad, but I was so blown away by this chapter that I had to read it again.

In it, Clarke introduces the concept of “statistical theology” that ultimately destroyed religion on Earth. A character explains that a group of “Neo-Manichaeans” (NMs) developed it around 2050 who “believed that Alpha (God) existed but was completely evil—and that mankind’s ultimate destiny was to confront and destroy it.” Furthermore, in support of their faith, they marshaled an immense array of horrible facts from history and zoology.”

Clarke’s character would further explain that:

“The NMs could go on for hours along these lines, expounding the wonders of Nature as proof that Alpha (God) was, if not supremely evil, then utterly indifferent to human standards of morality and goodness.”

As the chapter progresses, it is revealed that supporters of God (or “Alpha”) compiled similar facts regarding the good in history. And when the two sets of data were compared, thanks to advancements in computing technology, it was discovered that “bad things happened just as often as the good.”

So think about that the next time you thank god afor allowing the Milwaukee Bucks to win the NBA Finals. I guess he’d rather do that than stop genocide 🤷‍♂️

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