who wrote the rules?!

I don’t know if I’m just bored sitting in class for the last two weeks, but something’s crawled up my ass and I just feel like arguing with people. On Instagram no less!

This time I’m arguing with stuck up Christians trying to present their arguments as some sort of academic debate because they think atheists are too dumb to understand their beliefs. Now don’t get your panties in a wad, these are just the people who are pissing me off RIGHT NOW. There’s no telling who I’ll argue with next week.

I’m a sophist at heart.

But if there’s one type of person I can’t stand, it’s the stuck up “I’m smarter than you cuz I read academic shit” guy. Fuck those people.

In fact, I say it’s your DUTY to pointlessly argue with these folks. They expect everything to be a structured debate and demand strangers online follow the rules.

But I will not. If I want to “straw man” you, use “non-sequiturs”, create false dichotomies, etc. I am well within my right to do so and there’s nothing you can do about it.

So Who the fuck are you? The “logical fallacies” police?

11 thoughts on “who wrote the rules?!

      1. Yes! I love when people make up arbitrary rules for how we should all conduct ourselves on the internet. I was going to put this in a post a while back, but it just sat in my notes except for the last line, which I used for something else. —If you talk about open-mindedness, then shit on people for not succumbing to some fabricated social media etiquette, face it, you love rules and don’t know how to feel without them. People are the worst kind of people.

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      2. To be fair tho to the people I was arguing with, I was using some pretty shoddy logic. And I absolutely did commit all of those logical fallacies (I was still right though). Wasn’t my finest hour, but, oh well. Because you’re right. There is no established internet etiquette, and I was not committing a criminal offense by violating the rules of logic. So my interlocutors can eat shit!

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