horses song

Man I fuckin love Blippi.

If you don’t, you’re just a hater.

But you gotta admit: this song is pretty dope. Listen to it. That galloping riff gets me amped.

Sometimes I’ll gallop around work singing in my best falsetto: Horses galloping through the country side…I wish I had one to ride!

This song has been stuck in my goddamn head for days. I’m telling you, having a toddler is amazing. I don’t know what you guys are talking about with the “terrible 2s”. I wouldn’t trade it for nothin!

5 thoughts on “horses song

  1. Having a grand daughter has now reintroduced me to kids cartoons but I must say I don’t share your love for Blippi. Personal opinion is that he is annoying but then she’s only 21 months old. Peppa pig is more her style at the moment

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    1. It takes a minute to get used to him. I think my son likes him because he hops around like a lunatic, but he’s also very educational and sometimes he pops out these catchy tunes. But truth be told, I probably enjoy Blippi more than my son 🤣

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      1. Barney is more my vibe… Even 25years after my first introduction 🤣 my eldest son (25 tomorrow) listened to him on repeat which then fed into the other three of my children. It also has led to the grand daughter equally loving this six foot imaginary purple dinosaur.

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