I tried Tiktok again.

I don’t know what it is, but that place makes me sick. LITERALLY. Every time I use that app, I feel like I ate nothing but Skittles during a 12 hour road trip, and when I arrive, I feel queasy and restless.

I’m sorry but no more Tiktok.

So I probably won’t be expanding my social media presence anytime soon. Mostly because we’re entering into another political season and everyone with an asshole is giving a prediction.

I mean, these jerkwads do understand that there are algorithms right? Google, YouTube, Meta, Tiktok, Twitter, etc, they just confirm what you already believe based on your search history. So it’s impossible to to gauge how people are going to vote by simply looking at the internet.

Look, I’m not usually for bullying, but the internet would be a much better place if we bullied these folks off the web.

Just a suggestion.

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