the Robert Montgomery Knight institute 4 leadership studies

I don’t know if it’s my hatred for the Indiana Hosiers (not just the basketball program, but the entire state of Indiana) but I find Bob Knight to be a hilarious person and it’s absurd that he was employed by IU for so long.

I can’t wait for the university to put up a statue of him throwing a chair or choking a player outside of Simon Skjodt when he passes. Meanwhile, we all pretend like he wasn’t a complete douche-aroo his entire career.


I love this article describing the destruction of the relationship between Knight and his most successful pupil…the undisputed GOAT of college basketball: Mike Krzyzewski.

Bob Knight is not only a basketball HOFer, I’m also including him as the inaugural inductee into The Internet Ruined Everything’s Hall of Fame for being a real ass dude. Truly the GOAT.

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