how do i get a call-in show?

So I’ve been locked in my shed breathing in paint and gasoline fumes for the last few days and I’ve been watching atheist call-in shows the entire time.

Then it occurred to me: I can do this!

I’ve always said that my dream job would be to have my own talk show a la Dr. Phil: People would come to me with their problems and I would dispense nothing but terrible, uneducated advice. (So, basically, Dr. Phil)

So now I want my own atheist call in show: people call in trying to convert me, I ask endless amount of questions, people spin their wheels to the point of insanity, and I convert every time. Of course, I believe in this faith until the next caller.

I’ll also give relationship advice, because if anyone knows romance, it’s definitely a balding, disheveled, 94 year old.

2 thoughts on “how do i get a call-in show?

    1. Hell yeah! I def want to talk to THOSE people. But I guess I want to get to the heart of why people believe what they do, rather than debate the validity of their beliefs. And if the crazies start calling in, then they would set an example of where unfounded and illogical beliefs take you…and I’d just let em talk endlessly until I got tired of listening to them. Plus I just want an excuse to dish out whatever godawful advice falls out of my brain.

      This def sounds like a show ppl would WANT to watch 🤨


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