u kno what state pisses me off?


Like, make up your mind Missouri. Are you a state or an just extension of Arkansas and Kansas?

Be sure to come back next week for more biting commentary on US geography from internetruinedeverything.com!

2 thoughts on “u kno what state pisses me off?

  1. I’m a California native, but lived in St. Louis from Jan. 1995 – Nov. 2011, where my life partner (now husband) and I owned and operated a charming B&B in one of the city’s historic districts. (We now live near Palm Springs, CA.) I loved St. Louis, warts and all, but other than for it and Kansas City, the rest of the state is a conservative hell-hole that’s every bit as bad as Kansas & Arkansas.

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    1. To tell the truth: I secretly love MO. Unfortunately I haven’t spent much time in St. Louis, but I’ve enjoyed it while I was there. Springfield ain’t too bad. I’ve even had good times in Branson, as corny as that place is. And of course, KC is my favorite city of all time. I can appreciate that MO doesn’t entirely feel southern or midwestern. It’s a state of its own.

      Btw, I love Palm Springs too. Hope to get my wife out there someday. A lot of good memories…and nose bleeds… on desert as a kid.

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