hi I’m glen greenwalled. AMA

Who questions the questioners?


It has been absolute Christmas for me the last few days. My blog’s existence has been vindicated by the conflict in Ukraine and the state of journalism reporting on it.

The internet really has ruined everything…especially the Twitterification of political discourse.

Case in point is Glenn Greenwald, sometimes referred to as the “GOAT” of journalism, who is now having an total fucking meltdown on Twitter.

Monitoring this situation, it has occurred to me that people can’t handle that multiple things can be true at once.

No, Greenwald is not a “Putin agent”. Yes, “propaganda” is bad, especially when it’s used to drum up war. And yes…Russia, led by an autocrat, invaded a sovereign country and no matter how terrible propaganda and American foreign policy has been, it doesn’t change the fact that….Russia, led by an autocrat, invaded a sovereign country.

I’m always hesitant to say that the “media lies to you”. It’s more complicated than that. What they’re actually doing is spin doctoring, omitting facts, and failing to interrogate all available information and opinions (but I guess in a certain sense, that is lying).

That’s why it’s up to YOU, fellow reader, to be honest enough with yourself to interrogate all available facts. That’s all we’ve got for the time being.

Because there is no trustworthy journalist or media figure. They’re all cynical actors until proven otherwise…especially the ones that have prior ideological convictions (what they are specifically for Greenwald, idk. But they’re easy to infer: has close associations with Noam Chomsky, his husband is a Socialist politician in Brazil, etc) and simultaneously criticize Big Tech yet profit off of it (via Substack, Twitter, etc)

But if you’re a Greenwald defender, relax: “iM jUSt aSkiNg QuEsTIons”

I’m gonna leave a link to these two articles here. Maybe they’re old. Maybe they’re outdated. Maybe they’re inaccurate. You be the judge.



10 thoughts on “hi I’m glen greenwalled. AMA

  1. Like most things, the Russia-Ukraine situation is extremely complicated, and tainted by decades of mistrust and missteps on the part of many politicians. I don’t know a lot about Glenn Greenwald, but he seems like an attention-seeking, mean-spirited, loud-mouthed prick as far as I can tell.

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    1. He made his name during the Bush years and the Edward Snowden disclosures, which alone puts him in the journalism HOF, and he continues to investigate the right-wing government of Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro. I think he kinda lost touch with US politics tho. And with him pissing off so many governments, newspapers, and burned so many bridges in the media, his paranoia has gotten the better of him. He’s lost the plot essentially

      But I think the Russia/Ukraine situation has the potential to create a massive power shift in global politics. And it happened so sudden. Which is why I’ve been glued to it 😕

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      1. Like I said, I don’t really know a lot about him. If he’s investigating Bolsonaro’s actions and corruption, that’s a plus in my book. As insufferable as liberals and progressives can be at times (and I’m one of them), I have a visceral dislike for conservatives and all conservative thought.

        I wish someone had assassinated both Putin & Trump on that stage they shared in Helsinki a few years back.

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      2. LOL! Well I think it’ll be interesting if there’s a regime change in Russia if Putin will stand for war crimes.

        But I think Greenwald did support Trump and aligns himself with some strange and questionable individuals on the left that only former diehard Marxists like me would know


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