sleep is underrated

Of course, I’ve never slept before.

But YOU should sleep more.

It’s really the only thing worth living for.

(I seriously wasn’t trying to rhyme there)

Think about it: you don’t have to do anything. Just lay there.

Why it’s so hard for people to do, I’ll never understand. There’s probably something wrong with you tbh.

It’s like we’re so conditioned to do something all the time. Fuck that noise. When you get an opportunity to do nothing, take it you freak!

“😭 But I can’t sleep! I always got something on my mind 😭”

That’s called having a brain dumbass. Everybody’s got one. And your brain don’t work because you don’t sleep.

So let me help you.

Ever tried having a pill addiction?

Problem solved!

playin the hits

“You got ass cancer,” the doctor said.

“How long do I got, doc?”

“It’s not terminal. We can remove the cancer here in my office.”

“What’s the procedure?”

“Just drop your pants and I’ll shove this device up your rectum.”

“You sure it’ll work?”

“Sure it will! I’m a real doctor.”

So I dropped my pants and spread my ass cheeks. Then a man walked in the room.

“Gentlemen, you need to leave,” the man said. “This is an AutoZone.”