the worst story ever told

So I fell asleep at the strip club and the bouncer nudged me.

“Can’t sleep here,” he said.

“Where can I sleep?”

“Out back.”

So I went to the back patio. I started taking a piss over the side. A stripper was out there on a smoke break.

“Whatchu packin there,” she asked.

“About 4 inches,” I said as I pulled out my .38 special. “It ain’t much but it does the trick.”

“Does it ever accidentally go off?”

“All the time baby.”

We shared a cigarette and a few drinks as we chatted it up. She was going to school to be a dentist.

“I’m not doing nothin when I get off work,” she said. “Wanna hang?”

“Luckily for you I live around the corner.”

She came over to my place. I made her a vodka martini. We went to the bedroom and I removed my shirt. Suddenly a man walked in with a baseball bat.

“Get out of my house,” the man yelled.

“Oh shit,” I said to her. “This isn’t my house!”

We quickly jumped out the window. When we were safely outside, I pulled up my pants.

“I’m still horny,” she said. “Let’s go to my place.”

“Sorry, but I already fired off that round.”

“But I didn’t hear your .38 go off.”

“Not my .38,” I replied. “I jizzed my pants.”


george Washington

“Dick, you’re gonna have to hide your Ruger collection until dad’s suicidal tendencies go away,” I told my roommate.

Nicky Wallz was recently released from the psych ward. To help get him back on his feet, I agreed to let him stay with Dick and me.

“Aye lad are you sure Nicky’s yer da and wasn’t just trying to get out of paying you $15?” Dick asked.

“I’ve never known Nicky to lie.”

There was a knock on the door. Nicky waddled in completely disheveled and reeking of skid row.

“It’s swell of you guys to take me in. I sure do appreciate it. I’ll try not to be a burden,” Nicky said.

“You just let us know if you need anything.”

Dick called for me into the kitchen. “Aye mate, how long is he gonna be stayin’ with us? The man’s still walkin aroond in his shittee underwear,” he said.

I turned around and Nicky was pissing into an air vent.

“No no dad, the bathroom’s over here.”

Dick was right. I had to find another option.

So I went back to work at the toilet factory and in walked Dale, fresh out of the hospital after taking a sniper round to the leg during a hostage situation weeks earlier.

“Dale how’ve you been you lunatic bastard! Long time, no see,” I tell him.

He was all smiles.

“Boy I tell ya,” Dale said. “This new medication is working out great! I have absolutely no urge to walk in here with my Mossberg 12 Gauge and shoot the place up. Life’s been great!”

“I’m happy for you Dale. But how are you doing living out in the woods all by yourself?Without your family? Without friends?Completely ostracized from society? Not permitted to be within 500 yards of any school or church due to your shameful, shameful deeds?”

“Come to think of it, it is quite lonely out there,” Dale said.

“Well shit Dale, why didn’t you say something?! My father is looking for a place to stay. You two would get along great!”

I’m always happy to play matchmaker.

So I had that problem solved. Now I just had to take my dad out to Riverside County 😕