Rip Tina

What a fuckin legend. Of course she sang what is quietly one of the best James Bond songs in Goldeneye, but in my view, Tina Turner’s finest hour was the music video to the 1984 banger from the epic Private Dancer album: “Better Be Good to Me.”

The song itself is flawless, but not enough credit goes to the music video. You see, back in 1984, artists sort of just did whatever in front of the camera. No one gave a shit. Another good example of this is the infamous music video to Van Halen’s Jump released the same year. For whatever reasons, performers were just too damn distracted to put any effort into their videos.

What I love about Better Be Good to Me though is that the Fixx’s Cy Curnin doesn’t hide the fact that he doesn’t know what he’s doing. He wanders on stage inexplicably shoeless, hops around, humps the air, and then outright shrugs towards the end. It was a performance for the ages.

Anyway, Tina Turner will be missed. RIP

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