Eden fallacy

I sometimes laugh to myself whenever I think about James Randi swallowing an entire pill bottle of herbal supplements in front of an audience. The idea, of course, is to demonstrate how useless these “all natural” products are. Still, it’s hilarious watching an old man carelessly dump a bunch of pills in his mouth and no one does anything about it. But you get the idea.

Before I started my new career, I found holistic medicine to be a stupid yet fundamentally harmless practice. So what if you think going outside and biting the ground will cure your tummy ache? You’re not harming anyone. And I guess that this is still largely true. But if you’re suffering from a genuine medical condition…either physical or mental…you’re gonna need something that, well, works!

So I find holistic thinking annoying, and ultimately harmful, because of the reasons mentioned above. To me, it’s a regressive notion that is rooted the idea that humans have fallen out of grace with nature…as if we’ve been cast out of some mythical Eden.

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