Dennis hopper man!

It’s been nearly 13 years since the late Dennis Hopper’s death and I still haven’t gotten over it. Obviously the greatest actor who ever lived, Hopper’s career spanned six decades.

I was laughing to myself the other day thinking about Hopper as a man who dedicated his entire life to the Army, even becoming a general, only to regret everything. “Hey man! This is bullshit! The Army’s bullshit man! Fuck you and fuck my life!”he yelled. Maybe you have to have served to find that funny. But then I remembered: Dennis Hopper DID play an Army Colonel in some shitty TV show called the E-Ring.

It’s a shame though that 90% of the Dennis Hopper clips on YouTube are of him being racist in True Romance. There’s so much more to his performances; from being a cartoonish villain in Super Mario Bros. to being another cartoonish villain in Waterworld. People never appreciated the subtlety to his acting. That’s why I’m disappointed that no one has made a smash cut of his best scenes in E-Ring.

That being said, you can get entire episodes of the E-Ring on YouTube but I don’t want to watch that shit again. Nevertheless, here’s the first episode from the series:

2 thoughts on “Dennis hopper man!

    1. To be honest, every role during his comeback tour in the 80s was great. I also like Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 because it was written by Kit Carson who also wrote Paris, Texas. Incredible stuff

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