New Year’s resolutions

First off, fuck 2023

Secondly, if you recall, 2022 ended on a cliffhanger: I was in the midst of war with management at the toilet factory (which is going terribly btw).

But it’s occurred to me that times are a-changin’. If your career ambitions are to be middle management, you’re fucked. In this modern workforce, your subordinates are probably more educated, more experienced, and more knowledgeable than you can ever hope to be. Pulling wool over your employees eyes isn’t as simple as it once was. In short, a middle manager is a paid fool; your job is to fall on the sword for your superiors.

So next time management tells you that you “demonstrate potential” or “show leadership capabilities,” look em square in the eye and say “do I look like a fucking moron?”

Of course, my loyalty can always be bought. So you want me to step up? You’re gonna have to pay me.

But anyways, my new year’s resolution is to read more and do more drugs.

What are your resolutions? 😀

4 thoughts on “New Year’s resolutions

    1. Excellent questions! Unfortunately I don’t know the answers to either of them. Between managing a war/doing my job and taking care of my family, it’s been extraordinarily difficult getting an hour and a half away to hammer out 500 words or so. But Once when things settle out, I’ll get back to it.

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  1. I always start the new year off with the best intentions – exercise more, reduce my consumption of food, alcohol & porn, try to be more focused and disciplined in my writing, yada yada yada. But by day 3, I’m still jerking off to porn and eating & drinking too much. And those damned reviews are gonna have to write themselves, cause I have zero enthusiasm to do them.

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