RIP Clarance Gilyard Jr.

Clarance Gilyard (1955-2022)

So my dad and me got drunk over thanksgiving and started arguing over the greatest show of the 90s. He said it was Pensacola: Wings of Gold. I laughed in his face and said James Brolin is a little bitch ass compared to Chuck Norris in Walker: Texas Ranger.

I won the argument.

Co-created by Academy-Award winning and legally troubled director/screenwriter Paul Haggis, Walker: Texas Ranger changed television history by giving us the greatest character from the greatest action star of all time: James “Jimmy” Trivette played by Clarance Gilyard Jr.

Norris and Gilyard made an iconic duo as two Texas Rangers delivering justice in the good old fashioned Texas way: using martial arts, roundhouse kicks, and driving around in a Dodge Ram 1500. There will never be another show like it.

So RIP Clarance Gilyard. You made quite an impression on me as a kid. Thankfully your work will live on forever in Walker: Texas Ranger.

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