fav songs from the 80s

Yeah man, I love the 80s. That’s all I listen to. I totally don’t know only one album from the decade.

10. Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel

Yeah, what a great song ya know? That music video. Phew!

9. In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel

I’ve spent many a night blasting this song outside of the window of my ex-wife. The only response I got was from the county sheriff with a restraining order.

8. That Voice Again by Peter Gabriel

It has a great drum beat. Sometimes I’ll rock out to it on my drums after midnight. Neighbors don’t like it. The sheriff tells me that every Thursday morning.

7. Red Rain by Peter Gabriel

I don’t know song. I’m sure it’s good. Peter Gabriel never once made a bad song.

6. This is the Picture by Peter Gabriel

I love the part where he keeps saying “this is the picture.”

5. Mercy Street by Peter Gabriel

This song is so great that it always puts me to sleep.

4. We Do What We’re Told by Peter Gabriel

Yeah, he’s right. We do what we’re told.

3. Big Time by Peter Gabriel

This is kinda the sequel to Sledgehammer. On the same album no less. Peter Gabriel was a genius.

2. Don’t Give Up by Peter Gabriel

Every time I put a gun to my mouth after I watch Dumb and Dumber To, I remember this piece.

1. Heat of the Moment by Asia.

Have you ever found yourself in 82? I do every time I take hallucinogens. What I love most about this song is Carl Palmer absolutely shredding the drums over Steve Howe’s lame guitar solo. That totally rocked.


So you see, when it comes to the 80s, I know what I’m talking about. Who doesn’t love this era of music?

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