fear and trembling, gnashing of teeth

“Now I am become Death, destroyer of worlds” -Bhagavad-Gita


Edit: I deleted the video this linked to because it was dumb. It implied that I wanted to kill myself (which I did) because a girl recited a terrible Rodney Carrington joke. I think the link now just sends you to my profile page.

I promise that this will be the last time I will post a Tiktok link because Tiktok is the shithole of the internet. (Unless it’s just a damn good joke)

Another Edit: Look, I’m not gonna act like I know what it means to be “funny”. All you’re reading here is the rambling of someone with early onset dementia. But I’ll be honest, Tiktok has me traumatized. Never have I seen a collection of so many narcissistic and unfunny people in my life.

Not even Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and the graveyard of all the social media platforms that came before can compare.

The experience has left me alienated. I live in a world I no longer recognize. I’ve come to believe in the Second Coming.

Tiktok has got to be a psyop.

Am I still on it? Yes.

Unfortunately it has drove traffic to this site. Talk about awkward 🥲

Another Edit Part II: Never mind. Deleted that shit.

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