God smiled upon us, once

I wish I saw her coming so I could’ve prepared my heart for what was to come.

She appeared to me as if a dream.

Paralyzed. Awe struck. The words just wouldn’t come.

“Are you gonna eat those fries?” she asked.

I was. But I couldn’t tell her no.

She grabbed the fries and wondered out the Burger King. Yet I had to know.

I followed her out to the door. “What’s your name?” I asked.

“Who are you? The police?” she replied.

I stood there frozen while she wondered into the woods.

How could God, with all his wrath and anger, make such beauty with this cursed creation?

I thought I’d never see Her again.

But fortune threw me for a spin.

I was pumping gas when she asked “can you give me a ride?”

I said, “sure thing baby. Where to?”

She replied, “anywhere but here.”

We rode around all night.

She took me up to the mountains. She said “you can drop me off here.” I told her “you don’t have to sleep there.”

So we went back to my place.

She took off her coat, then washed her face. I went for a smoke.

When she returned, she said “I’m gonna make it worth your while.”

I want to say more, but that’s just not my style.

The next morning, she left a note:

“I’m sorry to leave you, but I just can’t devote. I glide like a feather, that’s why I’m sane.”

I never learned Her name.


I wrote the first paragraph intending to be another dumbass story but somehow it became a really gay (in a good way) poem instead. Sorry 🤷‍♂️

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