Your Opinion is Worthless

Everything just feels tired.

So, so tired.

I can’t even muster the energy to be angry. Everybody’s angry.

It’s not original anymore. Recall the 2000s, when Maddox, Unforgivable, the “New” Atheists, and the “pickup artist” community were kicking around. I dunno, I thought it was all funny. But then people took it all seriously and/or the wrong way. Then the internet in the 2010s was a godawful place to be. The world became hyper-politicized. Everyone was expressing their opinion, thinking they were cool for being “controversial” (they weren’t).

Then, heaven forbid, came the podcast revolution. And with it the Patreon memberships.

When people get paid to express opinions, there’s the illusion that somehow their opinion is more valid, more informed, than yours or anyone else’s. That’s probably especially true when it’s YOU doing the paying for the opinion.

So now everyone on the internet, on Twitter, on YouTube, on Twitch, on Tik Tok, on whatever believes that they are one step away from a lucrative media career.

What am I talking about?

Basically if you have a Patreon, I have no reason to trust you.

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