Ranking the 50 States (the good states)

Like I said, every state has a part of it that I absolutely HATE. But if you’re living in one of these places (except for the bottom two) life is probably pretty good.

19. Kentucky

You either get the Bluegrass State or you don’t. Most claim it to be a southern state. Some say otherwise. But I like that ambiguity. It gives the COMMONWEALTH its own distinct flavor.

18. Missouri

To me, Missouri is decidedly and unambiguously NOT a southern state as much as it desires to be. But that’s neither here nor there. KC is legit. Other than the Ozarks on the southern portion, there might not be much else there. But at least they got KC.

17. Georgia

Atlanta is another legit city. Probably the best in the south. While it might be the Confederate Flag capital of the US, if you can ignore all of that, it’s actually a really charming place.

16. New Mexico

This is actually another state I’d like to rank higher. But other than Albuquerque, Taos, and Santa Fe (or Roswell if you’re a weirdo), there’s a whole lot of NOTHING occupying this place.

15. Minnesota

I feel like I’ve already mentioned this state, but whatever. It’s quietly one of the prettiest places. The only knock against it is that it contains Minnesota Vikings fans and it gets really fucking cold.

14. Maine

People are a little odd, but other than that, it’s pretty ace. Marylanders like to brag about their lobsters and crabs or whatever, but they ain’t shit compared to Maine.

13. New York

Cities along the western edge are a little iffy. But the rest of the state could be a nuclear wasteland and it would still rank this high thanks to NYC.

12. Nevada

Now Nevada IS mostly a nuclear wasteland, but I rank it above NY because…between Las Vegas and Reno, with all its cheap glitz, glam, and shattered dreams…it seems like I’d fit in much better there.

11. Tennessee

Sure the cost of living has skyrocketed, but make no mistake: whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it in Tennessee. Now Nashville likes to consider itself a “party town” on par with Las Vegas, New Orleans, and Miami…and it’s DEFINITELY not that. Nevertheless it’s a pretty solid town. Sure it’s a little rough around the edges, but give it a few years and Tennessee will probably be a top 10 state.

phoning it in again

So I was in the bathroom at the bus station when an employee banged on the door.

“Hey buddy,” I said. “Do you mind? I’m trying to beat off!”

“Sorry sir,” the employee replied. “But I have a message here from your mother.”

So I opened the door with my pants around my ankles. The message read:

Dear son,

Please don’t come home for Christmas. Your cousin Megan is here and she told me some troubling things about you.


Your Mom

So I pulled up my pants and went to the front counter.

“Can’t take your ticket back, sir. All sales are final,” the employee said.

I turned around and the janitor was harassing a homeless woman, accusing her of clogging the toilet.

“That was me sir,” I told the janitor. “I blew up the toilet in the women’s bathroom.”

“You have one cursed ass sir,” he replied.

The woman walked up to me. “Thank you for taking the blame,” she said. “I just wish that they’d give me a ticket so I could get out of this godforsaken place.”

I handed her my ticket. “Merry Christmas,” I said. “Today’s your lucky day.”

“Oh, no thank you,” she said. “I don’t want to go to Reno, Nevada.”