beyond good n evil

Do people actually read Nietzsche or do they just quote him so that they appear smart?

Look, I love ramblings of insane people as much as the next guy but just because some dude from the past said something doesn’t make it correct.

Same thing with George Orwell. I legit never met anybody who read 1984. They claim that they have, but I know better. The libertarian types love bringing up Orwell, but I guess they forgot that while Orwell’s politics sound, to me, a bit nuanced, he was pretty solidly a leftist.

Maybe I just refuse to believe that anyone from the past has a greater insight into our present than we do today. It just doesn’t make sense. Bring Isaac Newton to the present and I guarantee that you could crush his ass in a game of Trivial Pursuit.

What are some other authors that stupid people claim to read (but actually didn’t)?

*cough*Christopher Lasch

*sneeze* Richard Dawkins

*fart* Christopher Hitchens