a greek trajedy

The family’s been sick all week. I was the only one that got the shits.

What’s up with that?

But the most tragic news of the week has been the firing of Jack Easterby. I’m quite surprised because I figured that Cal McNair was dumb enough to keep this charlatan on the payroll. But it’s just not everyday that you hear about one man’s Machiavellian climb to the top of an NFL franchise.

So I really hope that another Christian sports owner gives this guy a shot. Because if there’s one thing I know about Easterby, it’s that he knows his ABG’s:

Always Be Grifting.

In happier news, the 1996 Jan De Bont classic Twister is getting a sequel:


The major obstacles in this production, so far, has been the deaths of Bill Paxton and Philip Seymour Hoffman. Producer Steven Spielberg has gone on record as saying, “of course it would be fucking stupid to make sequel without Bill and Phil,” he said, “so naturally we’ll CGI them into Twister 2, just like they did to Grand Moff Tarkin in that Star Wars movie. Everyone seemed to have liked that. And besides, that’s a hell of a lot cheaper than hiring actors! Fuck that!”

While Deadline has reported that climate change will be a major focus in the film, it has also been stated that the plot will be centered on the daughter of Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt who has become a “climate change denier” that claims tornadoes are actually a “divine wrath from God” on the the state of Oklahoma.

So I don’t know guys, this seems like another strange decision from Hollywood. Nevertheless, I am quite excited for this long awaited sequel.

god bless texas

There are four things that I love: 1) corporate intrigue 2) religious charlatans 3) the State of Texas 4) NFL football. Which is why I’ve been blessed with the Jack Easterby story regarding the Houston Texans.

For those who don’t know, Easterby is essentially a chaplain that plotted and schemed his way to the top of an NFL franchise. It’s an odd story, but things like this happen. Anyone recall Rasputin and the fall of the Russian Empire? And yes, I’d say that Easterby’s involvement with the Texans is every bit as significant and tragic as the fall of the Romanovs.

I’m just always surprised at how rich people, like Texans CEO Cal McNair, are so gullible. If the average person came across someone like Easterby on the street, we’d think “this dude’s full of shit.” But I guess game recognizes game.

Listen to this shit:

A bit of advice Evangelicals: if you want people to take your religion seriously, maybe drop the used car salesman schtick.

The theory is that Easterby and McNair are trying to turn the Texans into a “Christian football camp”. So this will give us the opportunity to test Aaron Rodgers’ theory that “God doesn’t care about football games.” And if we come to find out that God DOES care about football while millions of children continue to starve to death, then you should ask yourself why you worship this god.

So I’m pretty excited to watch this experiment go up in flames. In the meantime, enjoy some of Easterby’s standup: